The exploring new configurations of network politics project was originally formed and funded under the AHRC’s Networks and Workshops fund, it was a two year research project led by Dr Joss Hands and Dr Jussi Parikka and based at ARCDigital (Anglia Research Centre in Digital Culture) at Anglia Ruskin University from October 2009 – October 2011. The project was designed to explore the intersection of politics, networks and cultural practices. The network developed an analysis of how the emergence of a ‘network society’ is reshaping the ground upon which we think about politics and culture. The primary objective was to open up a dialogue between researchers, practitioners and activists that began to map this important new domain of social, political and cultural production. This included a series of three conferences as well as a range of other activities focused around this website and will culminate in the publication of a special issue (more to follow on this). Some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of network culture and science, and beyond, have contributed to the project and we are very grateful for their contributions. This website was developed as one element of the project to share ideas, generate connections and encourage interdisciplinary work in the area of network politics. This site now acts, therefore, in part an archive of the project. However, in line with the original framing of the project, the work of ‘exploring’ network politics continues as a research cluster of ARCDigital with ongoing scholarship and interdisciplinary work at the cutting edge of this fast developing field. This will necessitate a continuing engagment with emerging and ground-breaking media, communications and multi-disciplinary approaches to both scholarship and the dissemination of scholarship. This website will continue to act as a hub for this activity and will be updated with more features and information as it develops.