This is where every beginner will begin doing some tricks. You may think that learning how to ollie is tough if you’re beginners. But like I said earlier, you have to learn the right way, and it will be easy. How to skateboard beginners is going to explain it right now!

Every skateboarder out there learns differently than others. If you want to learn how to ollie while in place that’s fine, but I recommend you practice while moving slowly. However, if you’re more comfortable in place then put your skateboard on a carpet or some grass. Don’t practice in DIRT! Your bearings don’t like that.

So the proper foot placement for the ollie is with the ball of your back foot horizontal on the tail of your skateboard. And your front foot centered on your board right behind the front trucks. You may find that moving your feet around in different positions are more comfortable. This is fine, everybody can learn how to skateboard their own way.

The initial motion is done with your back foot. Before you execute the ollie, you want to bend your knees as much as you can in order to get the best height possible. The better the ‘pop’, the higher your ollie will be.

So with your back foot, you want to kick the tail of your board down and right when it touches the ground you jump in the air off your back foot. This is the ‘pop’. It takes a little bit of getting used to but most beginners don’t really understand that initially your back foot is doing most of the work. Then bring your knees up to your chest after the jump, the higher up you pull your knees the higher up your skateboard can go!

What your front foot does is pretty much acts as a guide. You roll your foot so the outer edge of your shoe is kind of ‘pulling’ the grip tape and guiding your skateboard a little higher. You also kind of steer your board with your front foot. All your back foot does is that initial pop.

Throughout the ollie you want your body to stay level. Don’t lean forwards or backwards, that is a formula to bail. I recommend practicing this while slowly rolling rather than in place. It helps you to practice maintaining a level body during the trick. Kind if like trying to stand up on the pedals of a bike while it’s not moving.

The last step is the easiest. Once you’ve reached your maximum height, when you’re not going to go any higher, you want to level out your board. Nice and parallel to the ground.

Just land and make sure you bend your knees so you don’t hurt them, and so you can maintain control of your skateboard so you can ride off!

Don’t get your hopes shot if it takes you a while to get this down. Once you know how to ollie, beginners you can do any trick in the book with just a little bit of practice. Once you get this trick down while your stationary, go practice while moving around a little bit, try to hop off a couple of curbs. You’ll be skateboarding like a pro in no time. Just keep at it.