Whether you decide to purchase a purebred kitten or adopt a rescue there are several things you should look for when choosing a furry friend. Both (adopted and/or purchased) will need the proper kitten care  in order to thrive and be a happy member of your furry family. By the way, I must mention that I am all for rescuing homeless animals. Millions of kittens and cats are destroyed each year because there are simply not enough homes for them all. Sad, but true! Please, if you are thinking about getting a kitten (or cat), consider adoption first! If your heart is set on a specific cat breed…no need to worry…there are many purebred rescues out there. All you have to do is look! Now…on to the main purpose of this post…what to look for when choosing a new kitten.

The Purrfect Kitten

Choosing a new kitten should be a family affair. Getting a new pet is a large responsibility and should be treated as such. Below are a few tips on how to choose the right kitten for you and your family.

1. When selecting your new friend, look for a kitten that is playful and alert. A healthy, well socialized kitten will be interested in playing and exploring.
2. Sit on the floor and let the kittens come to you! This is a great way to find a kitten that is curious, playful and comfortable!
3. Avoid kittens that bite. While most kittens outgrow the “biting phase,” it is best to choose a kitten that does not have vampire like tendencies.
4. Ask if the kitten you are interested in is litter box trained. Kittens learn litter box manners from their Moms. If the kitten does not properly use a litter box…it was probably taken away from Mommy too soon.
5. Listen for purring sounds! A purring cat is a happy cat!
6. Avoid kittens that have visible parasites.
7. Avoid kittens that have discharge from the eyes and or ears. This can be an indicator of serious illness.
8. Kittens that have bloated stomachs are most likely infested with worms. Worms can be treated by a veterinarian; however, you may want to choose a kitten that is worm free.

to care for is not a difficult task. After all, kittens are lovable, snuggly and adorable! Hopefully, the tips above will assist you when it comes time to choose your new friend. Before I end this post, I want to add one more thing for you to think about! Though you may have your mind set on getting a kitten…have you thought about adding an adult cat to your family? There are MANY adult cats sitting in shelters waiting for the perfect family to come along. Though they may not be as fun and frisky as a cuddly kitten, they too deserve forever, loving homes. Think about it! MEEEEEOOOWWWW!

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