If you love playing pub games like trivia, you know the importance of having a whip-smart crack team of information junkies. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to get Stephen Hawking to sit in on your next pub quiz night, so you’ll have to make do with people sitting around the bar. Trying to put together an ace team for pub games? Try recruiting some of these personality types:

The Whiz Kid.

The Whiz Kid, for whatever reason, knows a little bit about everything. They’re always online, or barring that, looking up Wikipedia on their smartphone. The Whiz Kid will know what Khloe Kardashian’s poodle is named or how many times Thomas Jefferson visited England. They’re the perfect addition to your team – just make sure to take their phone away so you’re not accused of cheating.

How to spot them: The Whiz Kid will be the one tapping away at their phone. You may also recognize them as the person who ruins all bar bets with their constant Internet access.

The One Who Paid Attention in School.

In every group, there’s always one person who knows tons of ridiculous facts. That’s probably because this person paid attention in class. When was the French and Indian War? How many countries has Texas been a part of? This person listened during history class and shows it.

How to spot them: This person tends to be elusive until a discussion of, say, the Civil War comes up. They’ll proceed to amaze you with everything they know, even though it’s information available in any high school textbook.

The Guy Who Just Wants to Have Fun.

Pub games tend to attract intelligent or competitive people. But in every bar, there’s a guy who just wants to enjoy his drink. You want him or her on your team. Why? Because pub games aren’t as much fun without him. Sure, you might get all the answers right, but if you don’t have somebody leading the charge to the bar between rounds, you won’t have as much fun!

How to spot them: They’re the ones hanging out at the bar with a big grin. They’re enjoying life, and they know it.

The Sports Buff.

If you can drag them away from the game, the Sports Buff is a must-have for any pub games team . Whether it’s naming the starting lineup for the 1974 Steelers or knowing which baseball team won the most games in a season, the Sports Buff knows it all. Almost every pub quiz asks at least a few sports questions, so you need this guy on your side before your opponents snatch him away.

How to spot them: The Sports Buff is the guy who’s always in a jersey. If there’s a game on, there’s no way he’ll join your team. In fact, you might not even be able to get his attention over the game.

The Media Junkie.

The Media Junkie loves TV, movies, music and video games. They know which actors starred in obscure movies or who sang “Convoy” in the ’70s. When entertainment questions come up, they’re your ringer. While you’re busy remembering who played Ally McBeal, they’re busy recalling the directors of every episode.

How to spot them: They’re the ones slipping quarters in the jukebox all night long. Either that, or they’re glued to the sitcom airing on the big screen.

Putting together a winning pub games team is fun. You’ll need a diverse crew in order to win, so keep your eyes peeled for a few of these types and you’ll be on the path to success!