Congratulations! You’re just one step away from having a fully-functional money making blog! The only thing we have left to do is to complete your first blog post with a paragraph that promotes your ClickBank product. Ready to get started? Here we go!

For this final step, you’ll want to have two windows or tabs open in your browser: the ClickBank search results page where you found your product of choice, and your WordPress blog post from yesterday’s assignment. To get there, open up your WordPress admin page again by going to and entering your username and password.

Again, go to Posts and when you see your post from yesterday, hit Edit. Now we’re ready to complete this post.


Here is the most important to remember when create your final paragraph that is intended to sell your product:

Do not oversell.

Remember that we chose this product specifically because it is popular. It has proven time and time again that it will sell. That means we don’t have to write a paragraph that rants and raves about all the benefits of this product. All we need to do is get your reader to click the link you’ll provide so that they can see the product for themselves. The product will then sell itself.

So how do we get them to click through to check out the product? We have already given them a taste of the information they’re looking for. Now all we need to do is make a subtle recommendation as to the next step they should take to solve their problem. Here is where our short and sweet concluding paragraph comes in. I always write a promotional paragraph in a format similar to this:

> I was able to Main Niche Problem when I discovered the secrets in the revolutionary book, LINK. Not only did I learn Topic 1, but I discovered how to Topic 2 as well. If it was possible for me, it’s possible for you too. I urge you to check out LINK today. It could truly change your life as it did mine.

That’s it! It’s concise and to the point but still creates enough intrigue that the reader is compelled to click through and look at whatever this product is that “changed your life”. So now let’s go ahead and copy and paste that paragraph into the end of your first blog post and edit as needed. For my weight loss example, I’ll have something like this:

> I was able to lose weight quickly and permanently when I discovered the secrets in the revolutionary book, LINK. Not only did I learn which foods help me burn fat, but I discovered how to eat low-cal foods that still feed me right as well. If it was possible for me, it’s possible for you too. I urge you to check out LINK today. It could truly change your life as it did mine.

Do you see how this paragraph subtly promotes the product without overdoing it? Now all we need to do is add in a special ClickBank link so that you get paid whenever someone buys a product from your site. First, we need to do a quick switch within our WordPress dashboard.

When you look at your WordPress post editing area, on the top right of the box where you write your posts, you’ll see two tabs: Visual and HTML. Go ahead and switch to HTML by clicking the HTML tab.

Not much will change. But this will allow us to add the special ClickBank link we need to.


Go back to the ClickBank results page where you found your product. Locate your product and click the green Promote button. A small window will pop up. Enter your ClickBank Account Nickname and click the green Create button.

Now you will see two boxes. It is the second one we’re interested in – the one that says “Copy the following HopLink HTML code and add it to your web page“.

We want to do just that. Click in the second box and copy the code that looks something like this:


*Note: Yours will be slightly different depending on the product you chose and your nickname.

Now that you have copied that long link code, go back to your WordPress dashboard where you have switched to the HTML tab. Scroll down to the bottom of your post where you’ve created your final paragraph.

Find the two places where you see “LINK“.

Highlight LINK and paste the code you copied earlier into its place. Do this for the second LINK you see as well.

Now we just have one last step. Find where your code says “Click here!”

*Yours might say something different. It’s the placement of those words that matter.

I’ve placed that area in bold for you here:


What we need to do is replace those words with the name of our product. For example if my product is called “The Fat Burning Guide”, my code would look something like this:


When you’ve done this for both of your code links, click the blue Update button on the right of your WordPress dashboard.

Then click “View Post” in the yellow box across the top.


You are now looking at your very own blog post promoting a high-quality, in-demand product! Whenever someone reads your post and clicks on your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission for selling the product. You know what that means don’t you?

You have risen to the Make Money Blogging Challenge!

Congratulations, my friend. You’re a blogger now!

Keep your eyes peeled for an email tomorrow that will sum up what we’ve done and point you in the direction of the most effective next steps you can take. For now, pat yourself on the back and toast to your new future as a blogger and online entrepreneur!

If you have any difficulty throughout today’s assignment, please leave a comment for me below.