Have you ever thought that the way you often sit in a chair is correctly? Popularly, you often sit in your favorite posture in order that how we feel comfortable. Some popular postures are hunchbacked sitting, seating on the legs, sitting close to the computer screen. However, they are the main risk causing negative troubles to your health. Your working performance is also affected.

On other hand, if you sit in the right posture, you will be at ease to do anything. Your working spirit will be raised up more. You will work more effectively. Moreover, you still can avoid problems, diseases of the bone. These often happen with workers, officials who always have to sit in many hours.

So how to sit properly? To avoid bad consequences from prolonged sitting, you should plan and start to fix your posture daily. Gradually, your posture will be improved better.


Don’t lean your chair backward or slouch forward while sitting. Your lower back will be tired and your muscles will be strained.


When you sit, your neck also has to be straight. Don’t tilt side to side. Especially, you should use a neck pillow when taking a rest. This thing helps to support your neck. It will not be tired and painful for a long time.



When the distance between your hands and the keyboard is far, your arms are extended and stretched to reach the keyboard. Meanwhile, your arms and shoulders will be tired and lost strength. To avoid arm and shoulder injuries, you should hold your arms at a 90-100 degree angle in a comfortable position. You also should adjust the distance between your hands and the keyboard to be easy to type.

A chair is designed with armrests that support your arms. Therefore, you should use up their function. Ideally, you should choose the chair which has adjustable armrests. You can adjust the arm height of the chair to fit you. Therefore, your arms and shoulders will be relaxed, even while you are typing on the keyboard.


It is essential that your eyes are in the line with the area of the computer monitor. You need to raise the screen to be at your eye level. You will focus on all things on the screen. You will not need to move your neck or head to look. Your neck is in a neutral and comfortable position. Therefore, the center of the monitor has to be straight in the front of you. The top of the monitor is positioned approximately 2-3” above your seated eye level.


Inhale deeply and shrug your shoulders, lifting them up to your ears in 5 times. You also stretch your shoulders in 5-10 times. These things will help your shoulders to release your neck and shoulders.

Shake your head slowly and try to think nothing while having a short break. You will feel more at ease.

Loosen your hands with air circles. You clench both fists, stretch both your hands out in front of you. Making circles in the air in in one direction and counting of ten.

In general, sitting properly in a chair is very necessary to improve your health and your working performance. From that your workplace will become wonderful in order to reduce stresses and pressures in working. Your worries of occupational diseases will be erased.