Sliding requires that you use your body and hand leverage in order to maneuver the longboard sideways, either in an effort to stop or to slow down. This is a very important technique to learn, especially when riding downhill. But for the most part, learning how to slide on a longboard is also fun. It actually allows you to come up with cool tricks.


First, find your position on the longboard. Move until you are fast but not too fast. It is best to practice in a slight downhill. The next step is to bend down until your arm is stretched out in front of you, grabbing the front of the board. Then, you must bend over as far as you possibly can without falling. Now you should put your other hand on the concrete ground behind you. it is important that you put your weight back and let this hand support you. At this point, you should also prepare yourself because the next move requires some spinning.

At the speed you are going and at the position your hand and entire body is in, you are now ready to make the 180 degree spin also known as the slide. Remember to keep your face forward as the board is turning. With this, you are able to maintain balance. Then, you can release your hand from the ground and stand.


So, you followed the steps but you are not getting it, what could be wrong? Here are a few more tips to finally get it.

First, know the importance of finding the ideal spot. Again, the best spot for practicing sliding is a steep hill which will give you the speed required for a slide to happen. Find a spot with clean and smooth pavement. Avoid those with gravel and cracks on the concrete. And more importantly, avoid cars and pedestrians.

Another important thing to remember when learning how to slide on a longboard is proper weight distribution. You should be putting more weight with your front foot. Use your back foot for pushing.

Get lower and go faster. Do not forget to bend your knees lower. This shall make it much easier to push your body into a slide. While going faster may feel scary and careless, it is just what you need to execute the technique correctly.

Try a wet pavement. Traction may be hurting your chances at learning to slide. So, why don’t you try riding under the rain or after one? Look for wet pavement. With less traction, sliding becomes much easier.

Finally, learn safely. Do not forget to wear safety gear. Make sure you have a helmet, slide glove, knee and elbow pads on.
You may not get it the first time. In fact, you are more likely to make several attempts before you come close into making it. The key is practice. Keep trying and keep doing it. Remember the technique. Lean back, push hard, turn tight and you will learn how to slide on a longboard in no time.