It is quite unfortunate that as many people continue to buy hoverboards so that they can have fun, some of them end up buying the fake ones. Fake hoverboards can be very dangerous. This is because they can easily overheat, explode and even go ablaze thus putting your life in danger. Care should always be taken when buying hoverboard to avoid getting the fake ones. But how can you tell whether a hoverboard is fake or genuine? We help you to establish the subtle difference that is little known to many people.

Here Are The Tips

Manufacturer details

Ensure that you check important information about the manufacturer on the product including contact details like postal address and telephone number. The name must also be included. If you realize that some of these details are missing, begin to question the product. Genuine products always include contact details so that you can call back in case you realize any defect with the product. If it doesn’t, then it is likely to be a fake hoverboard.

Check the plug

Ensure that the hoverboard’s plug conforms to the Trading Standards requirements. The 3 pin plug should be BS 1363. This information must be included. In case you don’t find it on the device, don’t buy it because it is likely to be a fake hoverboard. In addition, try to avoid any hoverboard that has a clover-shaped plug. This is because such products are known to be unsafe. You should not take a risk of buying because you may regret later.

Look at reviews

Make an effort to go the product website and see the kind of reviews written. A good product is usually associated with many positive reviews. This is a clear indicator that most customers like it and are satisfied by its benefits. However, if you notice that there are few or no reviews, this could be clear signal that it is a fake hoverboard. It may be the reason why many people are not interested in it. Negative reviews indicate that they were disappointed by the product and hence it could be a fake hoverboard.

Establish the company’s location

Try to find out where the company is located. Sometimes companies dealing in fake products end up giving different locations of their headquarters so that they cannot easily be traced physically. Ensure that you know where exactly it is based so that you can physically visit their office if it is near you. If you realize any mix up in locations, then the company is likely to be dealing in fake hoverboards.
Be sure to read through the small print
Before buying hoverboard, read the small print and see if there is anything that seems odd or inaccurate. This will help you in trying to establish whether it is a genuine or fake hoverboard.

Check the company’s portfolio

Click through the company’s portfolio and try to see if it has successfully manufactured good hoverboards before. If you realize that there is no portfolio, begin to question and stop buying the product because you may end up getting a fake hoverboard.
In conclusion, eliminating fake hoverboards in the market is not going to be an easy task despite the efforts being meant to regulate counterfeit products. You should therefore follow the above tips so that you do not become a victim.