Request for Comments

In the spirit of collaboration engendered by the early pioneers of the Internet the international advisors to the project will be writing short position statements on various aspects of network politics as they see it. We invite comments on these statements as a way of kick starting the project and developing the agendas that emerge for exploration and deliberation at the planned network events. The Request for Comments has emerged as a key method facilitating ideas and innovations in designing the Internet. How would this method work in terms of media theory? Join the discussion and the RFC streams that aim to elaborate “network politics”!
The initial position papers for the project are given by our expert advisory board. Please read them, and continue the discussion with your input in terms of developing the conceptual and practical ideas regarding “what is network politics?”.


RFCs From:

Alexander Galloway

Eugene Thacker

Katrien Jacobs

Greg Elmer

Tiziana Terranova

Geert Lovink